The Best Office Putting Sets On Amazon

As many golf lovers know, there is never enough time to get out and enjoy the golf course or practice your golf game. Plus, not everyone has one nearby or the weather to play year-round.

An excellent and convenient way to practice and enjoy yourself at the same time is to invest in an office putting set. You can work on your short game on the phone, between meetings, or with coworkers on lunch.

There are hundreds available on the market all with great features and trying to find the best overall office putting set for yourself or the golf lover in your life can be overwhelming.

This guide will outline the best sets depending on your preferences and the size of your office.

From basic to deluxe, check out these recommended and top-rated office putting sets.

What is an Office Putting Set?

An office putting set is an artificial putting mat or putting green that can be used to practice golf or play golf games. It is a convenient way to practice and enjoy golf indoors year-round.

There are many unique styles of sets available on the market in diverse sizes, shapes, price ranges, and qualities.

How a Putting Green Can Help You On The Golf Course

As with any sport, with practice comes improvement. Practicing your short game more frequently with the use of an office putting set can show on the course in many ways.

The increased practice and attention are sure to make a difference in your golf game on the course and take off a stroke or two on the green.

  • Privacy. The option to practice in privacy is a luxury not typically available on the course.
  • Consistency. With a green in your office, you will have more opportunities for consistent practice which has a significant impact on your ability to sharpen your skills.
  • Repetition. With the accessibility of your own personal putting green, you master your putt by getting in more reps.

What To Look For In an Office Putting Set

There are two main types of office putting sets: a putting green and a putting mat.

A putting green is typically a larger round area that mimics the putting green on an actual course.

A putting mat is generally a long and narrow strip with a hole at one end.

They both serve the same purpose of helping golfers practice their short game from the comfort and convenience of their home or office.

There are dozens of variations and several things to look for to ensure you choose the best office putting set for you, your space, and your budget.

  • Price. Sets vastly range in price from $20 to well over $1000.
  • Size. Most sets are large, at least ten feet in length. If you have a small office, be mindful of its dimensions.
  • Shape. Preference on the shape will largely determine if you look for a putting mat or a green. Some also gave features like elevation changes and hazards.
  • Appearance. The color, the presence of lines, the material it is made from, and the overall aesthetic of the set.
  • Main Function. Some sets are designed for optimal learning while others are mainly a putting game.

Special Features. For instance, self-returning golf balls, multiple holes, and portability.

Best Putting Sets On a Budget

There are ample excellent options for office putting sets under $50. When looking for a great value, consider the functionality and the material the set is made from.

Club Champ Automatic Golf Putting System

The average price on Amazon is $27.

This mat is an affordable choice that features a one-hole design with high-quality turf that imitates real grass and a regulation-size cup. The cup is at the end of a slight slope to help golfers practice elevation change and distance control.

This mat uses gravity for an automatic ball return, a standout feature among low-priced options.

Overall, the straightforward and easy-to-use design is perfect for new and seasoned golfers alike.


  • Very fair value
  • High-quality turf


  • A shorter distance at 7ft in length
  • Longevity of materials

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Honorable Mentions

JEF Golf Hazard Deluxe Putting Mat

The average price on Amazon is $39. An 8ft long putting mat with a slight slope and gravity ball return. Features two hazards near the cup and quality artificial turf.

Putt-A-Bout Par Three Golf Putting Green

The average price on Amazon is $34. A 9ft by 3ft kidney-shaped putting green featuring three holes. This simple design is an affordable option for a medium-sized artificial turf green.

Best Premium Putting Set

Many golfers prefer to invest in top-quality clubs and accessories that are built to last rather than replace lower-priced every free year. Or as it is affectionately known, it is better to “buy once, cry once”. Meaning, spend this money now and you will not have to spend more money to replace it in the future.

If that is your goal, this premium office putting set may be right for you.

GoSports 10’x5′ Golf Putting Green

The average price on Amazon is $350.

This premium putting green features six regulation cups and flags that can be plugged in for a customized layout.

The outstanding artificial turf surface is durable and feels like a real putting green. It can be used outdoors or indoors and will look just as great on your patio as it does in your office space.

The rubber base keeps the green flat and secure to any surface. It is flexible, easy to setup, and can be rolled up for easy storage.

The GoSports green is straightforward yet effective. It is also versatile and can be used for solo practice or used for entertaining friends and colleagues.


  • Large space
  • Longevity of materials
  • Customizable layout


  • High price
  • Simple design

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Honorable Mention

FORB Professional Golf Putting Green Mat

This office putting set comes in multiple sizes that range from $520 to $2700. This luxury putting green looks incredible in any space and is clearly made from high-quality, long-lasting materials.

Best Putting Mats For Small Spaces

Many offices are limited in the amount of open space available for an office putting set. If so, check out this office putting mat, it may be the perfect solution for a small space.

ProActive Sports VariSpeed Putting Mat

The average price on Amazon is $93.

This average-priced training mat is one of the most customizable sets on the market.

The mat can be brushed with an included tool to change the putting surface and the speed of the ball, there are also breaks included to simulate different angles on the course.

While the total length is 10ft, it is narrow and easily rolls up for easy storage and portability. It is also flexible and thin so if you have limited space, you can put a portion of the mat under your desk.

The included guide describes several ways it can be used for putting practice or games with friends.


  • Can roll up small for easy storage and travel
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy setup


  • Some golfers say the design takes time to understand

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Honorable Mentions

WSERE Golf Putting Cup

The average price on Amazon is $15. While not a mat or green, this set of two plastic cups is ideal for very small or oddly shaped spaces.

Best Putting Greens For Large Spaces

With the luxury of a spacious office, there are seemingly endless choices for an office putting green or green mat. There are many options that simulate real putting greens as well as extra-long mats that are the perfect fit along an office wall.

If you have a little more room in your office, utilize the space with a large office putting set.

Well Putt 13ft Office Putting Mat

The average price on Amazon is $179.

The Well Putt putting mats are designed as a large-scale training aid. It is also available in 26 feet in length for extra-large spaces. This is a great golf tool as it allows for long shots and the ability to practice two rolling speeds.

The mat has alignment lines for a visual training aid and is designed to practice accuracy and distance control. Overall it is an excellent option for seasoned golfers looking to practice putting in the comfort of their home or office.


  • Compatible with the Well Putt App for practice exercises
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Simple to setup and stow away


  • No golf putting cup

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Honorable Mentions

Boburn Golf Training Mat 10ft x 5ft

The average price on Amazon is $299. This extra-large practice putting green provides an accurate surface with three holes to putt from different angles. Plus, it looks more realistic and attractive than most putting mats.

Best Putting Greens For Games

Office sets are not only great for improving your putting skill, but they can also make a fun putting game. Some sets are specifically designed with entertaining and playing games with friends and family in mind.

Crest Golf Putting Mat Set with Golf Balls

The average price on Amazon is $120.

This set includes a carrying case, 6 golf balls, 12 hole covers, and two putters, one of which is slightly smaller to accommodate children. It is made from high-density foam making a flat and even playing surface.

There are 6 holes on each side of the mat and can be played with two people or two teams. The mat can also be used solo for practicing your putting skills.

This putting game is great for team building in the office or happy hour events.


  • Compatible with the Well Putt App for practice exercises
  • Easily folds into a case for easy travel
  • Easy setup


  • Some golfers say the turf quality could be better

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Honorable Mentions

Go Sports Pure Putt Challenge

The average price on Amazon for this game set is $30. This game set includes 9 holes that are completely customizable. There are endless possibilities to arrange the cups and it can fit in large or tight spaces.

Best Office Putting Set For Practicing

Serious golfers may be looking to improve their skills with the perfect practice golf set. Choose a mat thoughtfully designed with training features to help you learn how to putt better and with more consistency.

The following choice is top-rated and ideal for seasoned golfers and beginners alike.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

The average price on Amazon is $175 for the standard length.

Perfect practice putting greens are available in three sizes ranging from 8 ft to 15.6 ft in length. The combat model features one practice cup positioned at the top of a slope, while the standard model features two holes.

There is also a value pack and that particular model is the standard size with an alignment mirror included.

High-end features include its wood appearance and gravity golf ball return making it convenient and attractive. It is top-rated for its ability to help golfers understand their mistakes and visualize how to correct them.


  • Auto ball return
  • Extremely durable
  • The wood tone has an attractive appearance


  • Can require ironing before initial use to lay completely flat

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Honorable Mention

SurePutt Practice Mat

The average price on Amazon is $90 making it more affordable than the Prefect Practice. It has many features to assist golfers with their stance and distance control including an adjustable putting cup, alignment mirror, and training guide.


Whether you are shopping for yourself or the golf enthusiast in your life, there are ample putting mats and greens to choose from.

Small, large, simple, or advanced, all of these excellent office putting sets will help improve your short game.

The luxury of practicing indoors, in rain or shine, or while you are taking a break from work, can put a smile on any golf lover’s face.

These sets not only elevate your office or home office but invites colleagues, friends, and family to partake in the fun.

Regardless of the size of your space or your budget, there is perfect putting set for you!