Jungler on Lol: Best of Them on Season 12

Jungler on Lol: Best of Them on Season 12

League of Legends or LoL is a fun and strategic game. Being a jungler on LoL is like seeing all the activity from behind the scenes. On the other hand, it can be hard to choose the right jungler. It’s important to find a champ that fits your style and can change the game a lot in Season 12. Here are five of the best choices to help you feel safe in the jungle.

Jungler on Lol: Ekko: The Trickster Who Bends Time

Ekko could be your go-to jungler if you like to make big moves and change the course of fight. Ekko can be a game-changer because he can leap through time and do a lot of damage. Just make sure you learn how to bend time well for the most effect.

Jungler on Lol: Xin Zhao: The Wily Warrior

The bravest fighter in the jungle is Xin Zhao. Xin Zhao is the champion for you if you like to jump right into fights and mess up the other team. Xin Zhao can take over the jungle and set the pace for your team with his strong attacks and duelling skills.

Amumu: The Tank You Can Hug

Amumu is a sad mummy, but he’s also a tank that you can hug and who can take a lot of damage. If you want a more supporting role in the jungle, Amumu is a great choice because he can keep the crowd under control and is a tank. Besides, who wouldn’t want a sad mom on their team?

Jungler on Lol: The scary fiddlesticks scarecrow

If you like to make your opponents scared, Fiddlesticks is the best jungle pick for you. This scary scarecrow loves to sneak up on enemies when they’re not looking and mess up team fights with his crowd control and damage that hits a wide area. Just know that you might meet some scary things in the woods.

Jarvan IV: The Leader of the Strategy

Jarvan IV is the strong planner who is great at controlling how the game goes. You should learn how to play Jarvan IV if you like to make quick decisions and catch enemies in your Cataclysm. Control goals and lead your team to win with his flexible kit.

Jungler on Lol: How to Get Around in the Jungle: Hints and Tips

It’s time to get better once you’ve chosen your main jungler. To help you become a jungle master in Season 12, here are some tips:

Quickly clearing out the camp:

  • Find out the best way for your chosen hero to get through the jungle.
  • Be smart about how you use smite to get buffs and goals.

Map the pressure:

  • Keep an eye on the map and be ready to help lanes that need it.
  • Track the enemy jungler with view control and take care of your goals.

Change based on what your team needs:

  • Know what your team does well and what it could do better.
  • Change the way you play to fit in with your team’s plan.

Last Thoughts

A very important part of becoming a League of Legends pro is picking the right jungler. Season 12 has a lot of great choices, whether you like the time-warping Ekko or the powerful Jarvan IV. Try out different AGENGACOR characters until you find the way you like to play. And then get ready to take over the jungle. Have fun jungleling!